One of the cleanest seas in the world, the Adriatic is also a pool of vitality, containing over 80 minerals and oligo-elements perfectly balanced in nature’s laboratory to relax and - to heal.

The sea was prescribed as a cure already in the ancient times. The Roman doctor, scientist and philosopher, and the physician to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Aelius Galen (129 – 200 AD) prescribed 'sea voyages' and 'breathing in the air of crashing waves' to the patients suffering from physical weakness and respiratory ails.

Rene Quinton, the man who dedicated his life’s work to studying the seawater, published in 1906 his book “Seawater - organic medium”, where he reveals that there is only one molecule difference between the human plasma and the seawater, meaning, basically, that they have almost identical contents!

Since then, many of the health benefits of the sea have been confirmed by modern science. It is now known that the sea has antiseptic (antibacterial and antiviral), anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, supports regeneration of mucosal membranes, and cleans, soothes, and restores nasal epithelium. The minerals and oligo-elements from the water and the air that enter the body, stimulate vital organs like the kidneys, liver, and skin, helping to detox the entire system.

The particles of salt we breathe in with the sea air travel through our entire respiratory tract, reaching the deepest lung alveoli. Their effects are physiological, which is the reason why it is often said that “being by the sea cleans the lungs”. 

A very interesting study published in the Scientific Reports, reviews the success of the University of Alberta researchers in designing virus-trapping masks. The secret ingredient: table salt! Through a series of experiments, the researchers proved that lining the filters of surgical masks with salt helped trap viruses in its crystals, thus reducing the further spread of diseases.

Modern science backs the therapeutic effects of the sea, including its antiviral traits. Add to that the healing powers of sunlight and its antiviral role, and we can safely conclude that there is no better care for our own health than spending time by the sea.

Could that mean that a yacht charter on the Adtiatic help protect us from the Coronavirus? 

The list of Adriatic Sea benefits for our health and beauty is much longer than this sneak preview… so stay tuned.