Take a private flight to your yacht

This past year has put the privacy and health aspects of travel into the spotlight more than ever. For us at BomiShip, neither is a novelty, as we continuously adhere to the highest standards onboard our yachts. Wanting only the best for our guests, we have now decided to take it a step further to provide our clients with the chance to enjoy that same superior quality when they leave their home until they return to it.

We are thus happy to announce our new partnership with  Simply jet, the Swiss private jet charter company – With access to over 5000 different aircraft worldwide and a passion for hospitality, Simply Jet advisors are available 24/7 to assist with your travel arrangements.



Booking is straightforward, simple and can be done directly on our web site https://www.bomiship.com/en/private-jet-charterYour reservation via our page will enable to us to tie in your travel arrangements with land transfers and arrival to yacht.  We are certain that having your voyage relieved of all avoidable encounters, crowds, and stress will allow you to enjoy it even more so.