The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests and crews is our highest priority. We are therefore constantly monitor the international situation, and collaborating with the Croatian health authorities to ensure that our protocols are up-to-date, and in line with, or surpassing, the regulatory requirements.


Each one of our yachts has implemented upgraded health and safety protocols, and the Captain and your crew are looking forward to providing you with exceptional service and an outstanding experience during your stay on the yacht. They will ensure that all health and safety protocols are followed at all times, whether you wish to enjoy onboard activities or on-shore experiences.

Be safe in knowing that you will have a healthy and professional crew looking after you


Charters and guests will be required to provide either a negative CV19 test, or certificate of vaccination,  and may be required to complete a Pre-boarding Declaration Form.
In case that for some reason you think you may not have a valid test, a testing can usually be arranged locally if the charterer is unable to arrange prior to travel. Please ask for further details. This will allow you to relax with complete peace-of-mind when you onboard. 






Be safe in knowing that you will have a healthy and professional crew looking after you. All crew will have either a negative CV19 test or certificate of vaccination and will have daily temperature and health checks. Your crew is trained and regularly briefed on all aspects in preventing COVID-19 amongst themselves as well as our guests and will ensure health and safety protocols are followed on a daily basis



The Captain or his appointee will brief you on everything we are doing to ensure your safety. Please address any concerns and feel free to ask any questions you may have about yacht health and safety protocols.

PPE- Personal Protective equipment

Your health is the most important. We will be grateful if during your stay on the yacht you observe the proposed measures and use the provided personal protective equipment if and when necessary.PEE is availbale into all areas and suites onboard.



Superb cleanliness and top hygiene have always been the standard on our yachts. Our crews will continue with frequent and detailed cleaning and sanitation of all areas, suites, and dining lounges, leaving spaces spotless


You can expect delightful dining experiences when you onboard, savouring a choice of dishes prepared by your Chef from fresh and seasonal local groceries. Extra care can be taken in order to minimise social contact. Your crew will serve delicious menu according on your preferences, the menu can be served Al Fresco or Buffet-style.


Some of the yachts have implemented air ionizing technology to remove particular pollutants from the air. If this something that is of interest to you, please let us know so we can advise if your yacht has applied this technology


All of our partnering business have been carefully selected over the years of working together, for their expertise, superior service, as well as their commitment to your safety. You can rest assured that our partners are informed of and will honor our established health and safety protocols. 
Your transfer vehicles will be carefully cleaned and disinfected before your ride, as well as equipped with hand sanitizers. All transfers are organized in vehicles of superior class with ample personal space that will allow you to travel safely.